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    I'm Sojin, a software engineer who has a passion for expanding my horizons and trying new things.

    My favorite saying is Kent Beck's "No matter the circumstance, you can always improve". I strive to learn more, to expand my capabilities. I make efforts to quickly grasp the essence of things, to turn what I learn into habits.

    Sharing knowledge with others is a passion of mine. I believe in the power of writing as a means to efficiently organize and convey thoughts. I aim to structure what I've learned into coherent forms. Lately, I've taken an interest in visualization to better convey information.

    I'm deeply interested in making change to both individuals and organizations. I believe that outcomes are rarely the result of a single cause and that one must consider the whole rather than the parts. I'm learning various communication techniques including coaching, motivational interviewing, and nonviolent communication.

    I appreciate minimalism and believe that "less is more". I'm attracted to simple yet well-crafted products. I believe design should stem from addressing customer problems and I strive to embody the spirit of craftsmanship.

    One of my biggest aspirations is to become fluent in multiple foreign languages. Currently, I am proficient in English and Japanese.

    I have special interests in personal and organizational branding. You might know me as raon0211 online.

    I work in Seoul as the Head of Frontend at Toss.

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